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Life can be great for some people, or it can be harsh. Some has the luck and some do not.

From both world, most important is that we learn from failures. Great people is there because they make great decisions, but great decisions comes from experience, and experience comes from failure. So do not be discouraged when you make mistakes. Keep trying until you achieve your dream.

However, some mistakes are better not experienced at all, and we better learn from other's experience.

Teaching our children tradition and ethics, continuously seek mutual relationship, work hard, and to always believe in themselves and others.

Every human and their dreams are important.

You will find the latest information about us on this page. Our company is looking for connections with great people who shares our values. We seek to educate, heal, and encourage efforts and thoughts for human sustainability. Our mission is to seek and provide the best solution that helps everyone. If you want to contact us, please fill the contact form on our website. Any suggestions or thoughts are welcome. We wish you a good day!

How did we start Life Precious?

Human, in my opinion, are close to that mistake that are undo-able, that it might lead us to extinction.

Mice has some terrifying similarity to human. We can even grow human ears out of mice. Repeated experiments on mice has shown that they always become extinct because of their own actions that lead to behavioral decays and then extinction.

Please read this link below to learn more in detail:

Why does these mice undergoes behavioral decay that lead to their extinction?

In my opinion, the answer to these are:

- Lack of social control, because the world is too crowded that we do not stick to one community anymore or we lose the motivation to.

- When we do not stick to one community, we lost our identity, we do things that does not conform to norms.

- We do not know about the norms, and we do not have association to anyone, so we do things recklessly and hurt others.

- When we hurt others, exploit the young generations, put them in tremendous stress, they become traumaticed by others.

- When they become traumaticed by others, they isolate themselves, does not trust anyone, and in the end "behavioral decay"

- It is a cycle of behavioral decay, they do not trust, they run away from others, and they become reliant on themselves for everything.

- Lack of pride (success/winning), because winner is usually only one out of many, while most are losers. Compare yourself to only several worthy people that fits your value and dreams to keep track of your progress.

- Lack of good parenting for next generation. The kids will mirror what we do, so we need to show them what they need to do as a proper adult.



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Let us know, how can we help sustain humanity from extinction, based on the Mice Utopia Experiment, other than what we have stated in the website.

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